Bealtaine Festival 2015: Age&Opportunity and Irish Design 2015 commissioned Debora Ando Print Workshop

With the aim of facilitating and promoting quality opportunities in the arts for citizens from 50 onwards, Age&Opportunity runs programmes and events, often in partnership with organisations, such as Local Sports Partnerships, public libraries, arts centres, your local VEC or with Partnership Companies. Bealtaine Arts Festival is one of the many successful events they run and this year Debora Ando was commissioned to deliver a eight-week print project with six participants, which will result in an exhibition during the Summer.

For the eight weeks participants experimented with monotypes,  drypoint, hard ground and soft ground etching, aquatint and chine collé. Each person created their very individual response to the quote from Ulysses on his famous homecoming: “Tell me, then, and tell me truly, what land and country is this? Who are its inhabitants? Am I on an island, or is this the sea board of some continent?”.

It was a very challenging process where participants learned techniques new their artistic practice at the same time that they had to remain focused on their personal connection to the theme. The results were fantastic and that’s why I would like to invite you to share this moment with us!


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Age and Opportunity:


2 thoughts on “Bealtaine Festival 2015: Age&Opportunity and Irish Design 2015 commissioned Debora Ando Print Workshop

  1. Thanks for the invite Debora. I took the time to look properly at your site and the age and opportunity site – very interesting. Your site is excellent. I am saving it until I have time to look at the conversations about print.

    I am part of a group from the Galway Print Studio involved in a project for the relaunch of a well known Galway pub at the beginning of the Arts Festival. One of the owners taught at the art college until last year and is hosting a proper exhibition, with a preview etc. to celebrate the pub’s specialty – whiskey. They have 250 different whiskeys, do tastings and the owner has an in depth knowledge of the history of each one. I have learned a lot about local distilleries now long gone.

    I have joined the project late and hope I can keep up with the schedule. However, it is because of your workshops that I feel confident to try – something simple in drypoint. If I make the deadline I will let you know.

    Thanks – Mary (Ryan)

  2. Hi Mary, thank you for taking the time to check the website and for your feedback (made my day!). I am very happy to hear you are going to submit work for the exhibition. I am sure you can make the deadline – your drawings/prints are very interesting and beautiful and deserve to be shared with a wider audience! Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Debora

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