filigranes and fibres

I’ve just happened upon this wonderful website from the Image Permanence Institute, aimed at assisting with the identification of print types from woodcuts to chromolithographs to digital prints:

I’ve been looking at the photographic techniques section, which under the ‘Identification’ tab gives lots of examples of each technique, as well as dates of common usage and types of deterioration. Even better, using the ‘Guided Tour’ allows comparison of different types of prints. For the photographic techniques this includes showing the photo twisting in order to see the level of surface gloss:

Silver gelatin snapshot and click on ‘Glossy Surface’

It provides images of the surface under high-level magnification, and lots of other details that might help to positively ID a print method. Lovely.

They are also advertising for a 15 month intern to research photographic processes, which sounds like an amazing opportunity (they’re based at Rochester Institute of Technology).

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