Artist Book Exhibition – Amsterdam

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Today the book artist’s strand of the project Boundless is going to be on display (for the whole weekend) at Amsterdams Grafisch Ateliers ( This interesting and diverse exhibition counts with the participation of 32 artists producing, thinking and questioning the boundaries of printmaking in different techniques.

I am participating with a book called ‘An Act of Love’ where I burnt down to ashes pages from Anne Tallentire’s ‘The Readers’. With the ashes I created an ephemeral artist book composed of two circular ash pages, one an ash circle and the other a sentence.

Depriving a work of its existence, through its destruction, followed by a superposition of meaning, by the creation of a new work, is to accept the possibility of transformation. The use of debris from a destructive action is what printmaking is in its essence – the result of an embattlement of materials, processes and concepts to reach a balance between hand and mind. Attack and resistance, potential and exhaustion.

The ashes are gently sieved through stencils to form delicate layers that will become pages of the book. The analogy of this process to the aquatint one is inevitable however in exploring and incorporating new elements to my practice I am pushing the boundaries of readings one may have from printmaking processes.


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