Beginners Etching Course – Black Church Print Studio

For (absolute) beginners, this course covers hard and soft ground, aquatint and some introduction to colour printing and chine-collé techniques. My teaching focus is the creative development of images through drawing. The students bring plenty of photographs and sketch books so we can discuss their ideas, aims and how to translate the images into the graphic language of printmaking.

This course takes places once a week for 6 evenings plus one whole Saturday at Black Church Print Studio, Dublin.


Print Workshop in the Chester Beatty Library based on The Coëtivy Hours manuscript

This print workshop was based in the exhibition The Coëtivy Hours on display in the Chester Beatty Library. The Coëtivy Hours is an illuminated manuscript from the 15th century richly decorated with floral scrolls, human, apes, lions, birds, family arms and supernatural figures. Prigent de Coëtivy commissioned a workshop in Paris to create the masterpiece to mark his marriage to Marie de Rais.

We started with a full demo of the drypoint process followed by a visit to the exhibition where participants could get ideas for their own images and sketch some drawings. They created their own plates, using perspex (a thick acetate), and drypoint. For printing the plates we worked with a range of colours and chine-collé technique. Here’s a little taste of what we were up to:


National Print Museum – One Day Colour Intaglio Workshop

Just sharing some images of my workshop at the National Print Museum: One Day Colour Intaglio Workshop. Perspex, etching inks, chine-collé, drypoint, roll-up.

Chester Beatty Library – Teens Program

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to work with two enthusiastic groups  (12-14 years and 15-17 years)at Chester Beatty Library. The workshops covered the techniques of chiné-colle and drypoint exploring the theme of fantasy and imagination. It was most enjoyable to see how dedicated the teenagers were to create images and mixing colours to express their feelings, dreams and perceptions of the world. All of them were new to intaglio and despite of finding it challenging, they also found it equally rewarding!



The Print Workshop + Illustration and Picture Book Artists

Here’s the documentation of this year’s collaboration (this is our 6th year!) with Adrienne Geoghegan’s Illustration and Picture Book Artists. Exploring the technique of drypoint, artists were invited to create their own works based on the theme of their own choice. Each group worked over 2 sessions of 2.5h. They were encouraged to investigate the graphic possibilities of the medium, hatching and cross-hatching, textures, incisions and composition, being always aware that results will very much depend on the pressure applied on the metal point…!




National Print Museum – One Day Colour Print Workshop

Yesterday I had the pleasure to share a whole day with a talented group of people in the National Print Museum for a One Day Colour Print Workshop. Most of the participants were new to printmaking but, oh wow!, they produced such nice works, you wouldn’t believe it! For plates we used perspex, drypoints, and lots of colours, of course. Experimentation was the word of the day!




Ballybough Community Centre – printmaking sessions 2017

Hello All!

I am sharing some of the drypoints produced over three sessions at the fantastic (and award-winning!) Ballybough Community Centre. This is the third year that I collaborate in their extensive cultural programme and I must say that their creativity and enthusiasm are inspiring. With one hour per day and twenty participants of mixed ages and backgrounds, the worked developed covered Dublin scenes and of course… Easter!

Check out what they are up to: